How the Aim High Network came to be

By Mary Mathews on September 26, 2013 in Home, Resources

How the Aim High Network came to be.  Pam and I met for lunch in May 2013 to catch up and to celebrate my retirement.  Longtime friends and colleagues, we talked about the importance of supportive relationships, particularly those with women. We have both been part of small and large groups of interesting women. We have seen the impact of the relationships that emerge. I have convened small conversation groups around my dining room table and helped facilitate the Entrepreneur Fund’s Women Strategy Weekends.  Pam has extensive experience leading Mastermind Groups of women seeking to tap into the support and collective wisdom of others.

We decided we wanted to create a supportive and uplifting environment for other women in the region who are creating change and taking risks in their company, organization, and/or community.

The vision for the Aim High Network—to connect inspiring women who are making a difference – emerged during that first conversation. Its exact form is still emerging.  We have been reading new books like Lean In and Stiletto Network to learn from others and researching networks in other places.


Pam and I know we will have been successful with Aim High Network when:

  • more women are in leadership roles in the region, whether community, public or private sector,
  • more women feel supported in their current leadership roles, and
  • there are more career options for women in the region, i.e. more room at the top for those who aspire to leadership positions.


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